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Aliah's Picks
Aliah enjoys classical literature, historical fiction, children's fiction, classic westerns, apologetics, and inspirational women's literature. She is obsessed with all things history, and is currently pursuing History and English in university. You can find her between Monday and Saturday, usually near the front desk.

Becky's Picks
Becky is the captain of the deck (floor manager). She makes sure everything in the daily store life is smooth sailing. Beloved by the front staff and customers alike, Becky is a lover of people, books and the truth. She will read any book that catches her eye. If you need a suggestion you can find her Monday to Friday at the desk in the big book room.

Candace's Picks
Candace is the hopeless romantic who loves all books about historical fiction, classical literature, romance (duh), fantasy, history and biographies. Mostly Jane Austen though. She is always daydreaming about her next possible trips whilst enjoying her avid obsession of theater plays, classical orchestras and operas. She is currently studying at UFV in the Library & Information Technology program. You can find her mostly on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Carol's Picks
Carol is our gifts and decor lady, making sure the front of the store looks great. She loves helping people find just the right gift for every occasion in life. And if you need a nice card she has her own line of beautiful watercolour cards. When not in the store, Carol enjoys serving alongside her husband in their ministry to missionaries and their kids. She loves a good relational drama novel, biographies, and Christian Living. You can find her in the store Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.
Doris's Picks
Doris handles the till and mail orders. One of Doris' dreams was to get locked in the House of James with a good cup of coffee where she could read books to her heart's content. She loves historical fiction, romantic comedies, suspense and action (no gore please) and biographies of people who changed their worlds. She can usually be found around the front counter ready to give you advice on the latest book she has read.
Elise F's Picks
Elise is our token American married to a Canadian. She loves anything Disney, coffee and especially ice cream! Her reading preferences are in classical literature, historical fiction, fantasy, history, biographies and silly jokes. In the store she helps out with the music, Bible imprinting, as well as tidying and restocking shelves. You can find her Monday to Saturday.
Elise T's Picks
Elise is a fiction-devouring monster, especially in the realms of fantasy, medieval, and dystopian stories. When she's not at the store, you most likely won't find her, as she's either devouring more fiction or writing her own adventure-filled novels - both rather solitary pursuits.
Kristyn's Picks
Kristyn works in the card, engraving and gift department here at House of James. Originally starting in the coffeeshop, she moved over to our books and has thrived here. Kristyn has a passion for apologetics, fantasy and children's literature. You can find her most often Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Lando's Picks

Lando is the owner of House of James, the head of this bookstore ship. He started selling Bibles and books in 1973 in response to the needs he saw in those who came to the Coffeehouse outreach to learn and understand God's Word. Now over forty years in the business and he's still going. Lando enjoys a good fiction novel or biography.

Lauryssa's Picks
Lauryssa is the one you'll find most often tidying and restocking the kids section. When she's not here, she's either studying at UFV for a degree in English Literature and Linguistics, or curled up at home with a book or some new art project. Lauryssa loves (almost) all things creative and things that encourage you to think hard. Her reading centers around fantasy, theology, social issues, and pretty picture books.

Lynn's Picks
Lynn is our intrepid shipper and receiver, tackling the mounds of boxes we get in the back for nine years. She also orders in our toys and puzzles and keeps that section organized. In her reading she enjoys getting lost in fantasy, mystery and suspense novels.
Marilyn's Picks
Marilyn is one of our most loyal staff, having worked in the store for 28 years now! She's mostly tucked in the backroom, ordering calendars and calling to let people know their special orders have arrived. Her reading interests are biographies and mysteries.

Rob's Picks
Rob is the music guru. Give him a lyric you heard on Praise 106.5 and he'll probably be able to sort out which artist and album. Need a similar artist to one you love? He'll have some good suggestions for you. Currently recovering from a second bout of brain cancer, Rob will only be in the store occasionally but hopefully he'll be joining us more regularily later on.