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Lando K.

Likes: Fast-paced thrillers, biographies, books to help you understand the Bible, books that present ideas and thoughts from various viewpoints, spending time with his grandchildren, and a good cup of coffee!

Likes: Action/adventure/suspense/fantasy fiction, Bible translations, Christ centered teaching, Books that help me understand the world in the light of Scripture.
Dislikes: Banana bread.
Favorite Author: Tough call, R. Kent Huges, Sinclair Ferguson, John Owen...

Likes: Mysteries, suspenseful books, spending time with family, doing puzzles, singing, biographies, 
Dislikes: Science-Fiction, 
Favourite Author or Series: Colleen Coble, Joel Rosenberg, Eugene Peterson.


Likes: Fantasy books, travelling the world, books about pirates, true crime shows, and mermaids.
Dislikes: Books set in space, milk chocolate, and puns.
Favourite Author or Series: J.R.R Tolkien, H.G Wells, Ursula K. Le Guin, Tamora Pierce, Alice Hoffman, Robert C. O'Brien, L.A Meyer, and too many more!


Likes: Discipleship, personal development, camping, hiking and the ocean.
Favourite Author or Series:

Likes: Books on personal growth, travelling with friends, spending time with family, discovering new authors, skiing, and board games!
Dislikes: Most fiction, sci-fi,
Favourite Author or Series:  Most environmental and psychology books


Likes: Apologetics, dystopian books, musical theatre, children's literature, all the animals, and tea!
Dislikes: Spicy foods, romance novels
Favourite Author or Series: The Eldredge'
Likes: Fantasy, Adventure, Dystopian, Young Adult Fantasy, Anything Non-fiction that is thought provoking
Dislikes: Plot holes
Favourite Author or Series: Mary Weber, Storm Siren Series

Likes: Fantasy and young adult fiction, suspense novels...
Favourite Author or Series: Queen's Thief series

Likes: Historical fiction, romantic comedies, suspense and action books, a good cup of coffee, biographies of amazing people, and spending quality time with her children and grand-children.
Dislikes: Books with too many graphic or gory details!
Favourite Author or Series: Terri Blackstock, Joel Rosenberg