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The House of James

Coffeehouse and Bookstore

Our Story

House of James began as a coffeehouse ministry in July of 1970, on James Street in Mission, BC. This drop-in centre grew into a bookstore in 1973, on First Ave where Lando lived in the back with several other young men. The store was 12 feet wide by 50 feet long. With an initial investment of about $700, the journey began.

Lando moved to a larger location in 1976 and offered a wider array of books, bibles, and records. That same year, a young lady from Minnesota walked through the door and Lando took a liking to her. They were married in 1977, and three children followed shortly after.

As the store grew it became evident that a move to Abbotsford would be necessary to sustain long-term growth. On a weekend in May of 1983, the store moved to Bourquin Crescent, Little Oak Mall. The response from the community was overwhelming and the store began to expand and develop in great strides. In 1997 the store moved to its current location at 2743 Emerson Street in Abbotsford. It has weathered the storms of Amazon, iTunes, eBooks, and the constant onslaught of new technology.

In order to stay viable, the House of James has developed many additional departments since the early days; for example, a full-service coffeehouse, a used book store, and a toy department including Playmobil. Even though the music department has declined by about 80%, House of James still has a wide variety of Christian CDs. Many stores across the US and Canada have closed in the last 10 years, but the House of James is still here due to the overwhelming support of the local community and those it serves through its website.

Emphasis on customer service, special ordering, and events has helped the store continue to be relevant in the community. There are often Saturday night concerts, Open Mics, book signings and book launches on the stage in the Coffeehouse. The Bookstore has endeavored to serve the broad Christian Community, carrying books from very diverse publishers as well as self-published volumes.

House of James endeavors to be a warm, welcoming, and inclusive place.

Our Mission

to be the best provider of Christian resources, quality gifts, and coffee; practicing excellence, integrity, and a Christ-like servant attitude in everything we do.